What to do in an emergency

Vehicular emergencies can be some of the most anxiety provoking accidents out there. They can leave you stranded and they can cost a fortune. Whether you’re in a severe automobile accident or you simply ran out of fuel, it’s always best to stay calm and call for help.

In Halton Region, the trusted source for towing and roadside assistance, Abrams Towing, is always a smart choice for those unexpected emergencies on the road.

When it comes to speed it’s hard to top Abrams Towing. Many of their customers reported that they received service within ten minutes of a call. While unexpected emergencies on the road maybe unpleasant, Abrams Towing goes the extra mile for their clients to ensure that they feel comfortable despite the circumstances. Not only that, but their drivers listen to your concerns in order to find the best way to solve your problem, preventing a tow if it is not necessary.

Besides attending to emergencies on the road, Abrams Towing has additional services as well. So if you’re looking for a flatbed, trailer relocating or even if you’re simply locked out of your car, call Abrams Towing. Their drivers are familiar with almost all makes and models too. So if you drive an older import or a newer domestic vehicle, you can feel confident that a call to Abrams Towing means the job will be done right the first time.

Asurion, CAA, Home & Auto, Sykes and Allstate roadside assistance members may have access to Abrams Towing through their coverage plans. If you’re not a member of a roadside assistance plan, don’t worry because Abrams Towing is still there for you too. You can call them at 905-335-4080, 905-827-3286 or toll-free at 1-866-353-7297 to receive their top-notch service at a competitive price, and if you’d like to learn more about them visit www.abramshalton.ca

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